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Meet some of our favorite brewers
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“There's something supremely cool about making your own beer.”
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“I turned 3 gallons of water into a delicious, aromatic IPA without having to touch a stove or mess with any fancy brewing equipment.”
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“Its beers stand up to even the best homebrews I’ve had before.”
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“With the Pico C, homebrewing doesn't have to be a scary undertaking.”
Featured Product

Z Series

Dream big. Brew bigger. The world's first pro-grade modular brewing system.

Featured Product


Designed to fit perfectly over the Pico C Keg to distill water, hops, herbs, spices, grains, and more.

Inside PicoBrew

Super Coder Emma

A sneak peek at the people powering our startup.

New PicoPak

Mount Baker Maibock

A strong, malty German lager beer with a nicely attenuated finish that enhances drinkability.