Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What's included with the Pico Pro?
  • The Pico brewing machine
  • Step filter and step filter lid
  • Hops Pak cradle
  • Two (2) 1.75G brewing kegs, metal keg lids, red fast fermentation adapters, and fermentation temperature decals
  • Keg seal and stopper
  • Keg cozy for maintaining brewing temperature
  • Ball-lock CO₂ regulator
  • 3/8” threaded adapter for CO2 regulator
  • Party tap
  • Sous vide adapter
  • Transfer tube
  • Two (2) black keg wands for system cleaning
  • Dip tube brush
  • Keg brush
  • Cleaning tab for deep cleaning
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 74 gram food-grade CO2 cartridges not included in box. Pressurized CO2 cannot ship to some locations, register your Pico and check online to see if your location is supported.
How big is Pico?
Weighing 23.75 pounds, and 12.5” wide x 16.5” high x 15” deep, the Pico Pro is designed to fit on your countertop, under most kitchen cabinets.
Is Pico backed by a warranty?
With the right care and feeding, Pico is designed for years of great service in the home. We offer a one year limited warranty on all Pico units.
What is the return policy for the Pico?
PicoBrew’s high standards for our products are our top priority. As such, we hope our customers are thoroughly happy with their purchases. Our products come with a 15-day return policy after the purchase date for exchange or credit for purchases that are made directly from our web site or retail partners that do not satisfy the customer.
I'm moving, how do I update my address?
Navigate to the “Settings” tab in your profile (upper right-hand corner of screen, click on your username and then Settings). Any information saved here will be automatically updated in our database.

Brewing on the Pico Questions

How long does it take to brew?
Pico's brew cycle takes a little over 2 hours to complete, depending on the specific PicoPak recipe. After the brew cycle is finished the beer will need to ferment for up to a week before you drink it. From PicoPak to pint the whole process will take approximately 7-10 days.
What's the highest ABV I can reach with Pico?
We've produced PicoPaks that create up to 10% ABV beers.
Are there any beer styles you can't make on the Pico?
No, it is possible to create PicoPaks for all the major beer styles. Our brewery partners are making PicoPaks for many different styles of beer.

After Brewing Questions

How do I know when my beer is done fermenting?
The fermentation process and its completion are functions of several variables, including: beer wort, time, temperature, aeration, and yeast. We provide you with a fermentation temperature decal that will give guidance on the ideal temperature range for fermentation depending on the beer style you brewed and whether you chose to use Fast Fermentation or Standard Fermentation.

For Fast Fermentation: To check if fermentation is complete, pull up on the fast fermentation adapter pressure relief valve once to release pressure inside the brewing keg. Within an hour, pull up on the pressure relief valve again. If you hear no rush of escaping CO₂ then your fermentation is complete. If you do hear escaping CO₂, then allow fermentation to continue for another day and attempt again the next day.

For Standard Fermentation: To check if fermentation is complete, look to see if there is any bubbling activity inside the airlock on top of the brewing keg. If it has been about 10 days, and there are no bubbles, your fermentation is complete. If there is activity, let the beer continue to ferment for a couple more days and check airlock activity again.
How do I transfer/rack my beer from a brewing keg to an empty keg?
There are two options for transferring or racking your beer:
  • Transfer with Pico: This is the suggested option for someone new to homebrewing or who doesn't have a spare CO2 regulator and cartridge. Connect the Pico unit's gray ball lock connector to the “IN” brewing keg post, and the Transfer Tube to the “OUT” post of each keg. Turn on your Pico, scroll to Utilities and select Rack Beer. Pico will pump air into the brewing keg which will force the beer in the brewing keg over into the clean keg. This process will take roughly 10 minutes to complete. Do not leave the Pico or kegs unattended while racking beer.
  • Transfer with CO₂: You can connect the ball lock CO2 regulator with a cartridge to your brewing keg “IN” post and attach the transfer tube to the “OUT” post of each keg. This will generate the pressure to transfer your beer from one keg to another.
How do I carbonate my beer once it's fermented?
There are two ways in which you can carbonate your beer:
  • Forced Carbonation: Attach a 74 gram CO₂ cartridge to your ball lock CO₂ regulator, and connect to the Brewing Keg IN post. Adjust to 24 psi and let sit in refrigerator for 36 hours.
  • Keg Conditioning (Natural Carbonation): Pour provided sugar packet into Keg with your racked beer. Let the keg sit undisturbed in the same area that you fermented the beer for about twice the amount of time it took for original fermentation, or until fully carbonated. Chill in refrigerator before serving.
How long will my beer stay carbonated after I begin dispensing?
If you are dispensing with a CO₂ system, either a commercial mini kegerator, or our included Party Tap, and there aren't any leaks in the system, the shelf life could be anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the style.
What accessories will I need to pipeline my production of beers and have multiple beers available at the same time?
This will depend on how many beers you want to be brewing, fermenting, and serving all at the same time. You use one brewing keg during the brewing session as well as the fermentation process before transferring to another keg for carbonating and serving. For example: If you wanted to have 2 beers on tap, and brew one batch while fermenting another at the same time, you would need 4 brewing kegs (2 for on draft beers, 1 for brewing, and 1 for fermenting) and either two CO₂ regulators / party taps or a kegerator.
What accessories will I need to dispense my beer using a kegerator?
You will need a kegerator equipped with ball-lock connectors, both on the gas/CO₂ line and the beer line. Most off-the-shelf kegerators come with Sankey connectors but ball-lock adapters may be purchased from homebrew supply stores to convert your kegerator to use ball-locks. Your brewing kegs are also designed to be used as serving kegs, or you can use off-the-shelf 2.5-gallon, 3-gallon, or 5-gallon ball-lock (Cornelius) kegs for your kegerator.

PicoPak Questions

What's in a PicoPak?
PicoPaks are biodegradable ingredient packs that are ready for you to brew upon arrival.
  • Grains are measured, ground, and mixed in our state-of-the-art facility, and placed in a grain bin that allows even brewing.
  • Hops are placed in 4 separate compartments, so we can achieve high bitterness or intense hop flavor in a multi-stage boil.
  • Interactive technology inside your Pico recognizes each specific PicoPak, automatically brewing it to perfection.
  • Made of a revolutionary food-based pulp, the PicoPak, the spent grain, and hops can all go in your compost bin.
Made of a revolutionary food-based pulp, the PicoPak, the spent grain, and hops can all go in your compost bin.
How much do PicoPaks cost?
Most PicoPaks cost between $19.00 and $30.00, depending on the beer and the ingredients. You can view our selection of PicoPaks in our BrewMarketplace.
Can I add my own ingredients to Pico?
Yes. Using the Pico Manual Brewing function you can design your own craft beer and use your own ingredients. See the online Manual Brew Guide under Resources. Alternatively, you can create custom PicoPaks using our Freestyle PicoPak generator, which will allow you to select which hops, grains and yeast you'd like, and the amounts of each. We’ll send you your custom PicoPak already pre-packaged and ready to brew.
Can I create and brew my own recipes?
Yes. Right now there are 4 ways to customize your beer:
  • Purchase a PicoPak and customize the bitterness and/or ABV percentage to your preference right before brewing.
  • Purchase a Freestyle PicoPak. Our online Freestyle PicoPak crafter allows you select the hops, grains, yeast, and amounts of each. We will then ship your Freestyle Pak to you fully packaged and ready to brew.
  • Create your own totally custom PicoPaks by joining the PicoBrew Developers Program.  You can develop these PicoPaks using loose ingredients on a Zymatic and then publish them as PicoPaks on BrewMarketplace.  PicoBrew takes care of sales, packaging and fulfillment and you earn a commission on each sale of your original PicoPak recipe.
  • Create your own custom recipe online using our Recipe Crafter for Manual Brewing, then use your own ingredients with Brew Bags and Manual Brewing on the Pico. You can find Brew Bags in the PicoBrew BrewGear store.
Do you guys make Gluten-Free PicoPaks?
We do not offer Gluten Free PicoPaks, however, there a couple options open to you. You can create your own gluten free recipe and then use your own ingredients with Brew Bags and Manual Brewing on the Pico. Alternatively, we offer White Labs Clarity Ferm in the PicoBrew BrewGear store. Depending on your sensitivity to gluten, this reduction may or may not meet your dietary needs.
What's the shelf-life of the PicoPaks?
This will depend on the recipe. We are targeting a six-month shelf life. If you are using a recipe with liquid yeast you'll need to take that out of the kit and refrigerate it upon arrival. If you are not going to brew immediately after receiving your PicoPak you should also store the hops in your refrigerator.
How much can I adjust the ABV/IBU of each PicoPak?
It depends on the recipe, but typically within +/- 5% of the original recipe target.
How do I dry-hop my beer?
Each PicoPak that requires dry hopping will come with a dry hop sachet which you'll drop into your brewing keg a few days after you pitched the yeast and fermentation has begun.
Will PicoPaks contain dry yeast or liquid yeast?
Each PicoPak will have a "default" yeast that was chosen by the brewery. Default yeasts can be dry or liquid and in some cases customers will have several yeast options to choose from.
I want my local brewery to make PicoPaks! How can I connect them to you?
That's awesome! Go ahead and direct them to our Brewery Signup page and make sure that they know to check the "Commercial Brewery" radio div. A PicoBrew team member will be in contact with them shortly!
I own a Zymatic. Can I author PicoPaks?
Yes, to get started join our PicoBrew Brewers Network (PBN) by visiting and clicking on Brewery Signup on the top navigation bar. With the PicoBrew Brewers Network (PBN) you can develop your own PicoPaks, list them on BrewMarketplace, and start earning royalties! Here's how: Formulate your recipe on your Zymatic, then "publish" your Pak online. We will then send you a sample PicoPak which you can test brew on the Pico. Once you approve your PicoPak, your creation will be listed on BrewMarketplace.

International User Questions

Do you ship Pico Pros internationally?
We do ship Pico Pros internationally. To purchase an international unit, scroll to the bottom of the Pico Pro page, and select "Looking for International Versions?"
What voltage does the Pico use?
Units sold in the US and Canada are 110V and have Type B plugs (standard for the US and Canada). International units are 220V and will ship with a choice of Type F or G plugs. If you live somewhere with a different plug, you are probably already accustomed to needing an adapter for imported goods.
I'm an international user, how do I buy PicoPaks and how much does it cost to ship PicoPaks to me?
Currently PicoPak production facilities are based in the US only, so Paks must be shipped directly to customers. You may also be interested in using the Pico Manual Brewing function to brew your own custom craft beer with local ingredients.