Intelligent Fermentation

Say hello to the latest tech in fermentation. PicoFerm allows you to watch your beer’s progress towards drinkability remotely, making homebrewing practically fail-safe.

Rest easy with PicoFerm

PicoFerm’s patent-pending technology closely monitors the fermentation progress of your homebrew, making sure everything is going as planned, until the exact time your beer is ready to drink.

Fermenting Graph Chart

Homebrewer’s little helper

Attaching effortlessly to the top of your Pico C or S/Pro brew keg, PicoFerm’s clever versatility ensures your brew ferments to perfection, every batch, every time.

Simply connect & ferment

PicoFerm is battery powered and painlessly monitors fermentation without touching your beer, helping you to keep a clean and sterile brew space.

Start monitoring your beer, hands-free

Effortlessly improve your homebrew’s fermentation process with PicoFerm—the smartest way to monitor your beer.

Pico Still Front
For Pico C
Pico Still Front
PicoFerm BallLock
For Pico Pro/SZSeries, Zymatic
Pico Still & Pico Pro Bundle
PicoFerm + Pico C Keg
Pico Still & Pico Pro Bundle
PicoFerm + Pico Pro Keg
Pico Still & Pico Pro Bundle
PicoFerm + Z Keg