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Lucky Envelope Brewing

907 NW 50th St

Seattle WA

From the brewer, Barry, himself: My introduction to craft beer occurred in college after drinking a Victory Hop Devil IPA, which was a mind-blowing experience. That’s the moment I caught the bug, leading me to actively seek out and taste different beers. Curious about the process, I brewed my first batch of beer in 2008 and it quickly evolved into an obsession. When I wasn’t brewing I found myself studying the chemical and biological processes involved in producing beer. Brewing had become my perfect combination of science, history, engineering, and magic. As a Certified BJCP judge and award-winning homebrewer, I strive to produce clean and balanced beers. I have been successful in local and national-level competitions with a wide range of styles from hoppy IPAs and traditional German lagers to experimentals, such as my Thai-spiced Belgian trippel and peanut butter stout.
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