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Denny Conn

91557 Poodle Creek Rd

Noti OR

Denny brewed his first batch of homebrew in 1998 and since then has brewed over 500 more. He is a BJCP national-ranked beer judge and has been a member of the Governing Committee of the American Homebrewers Association for 10 years. His recipes have been brewed by several commercial breweries in both the United States and Europe. Denny was a contributing author to "Craft Beer for the Homebrewer" and coauthor of "Experimental Homebrewing" and "Homebrew All Stars". He currently consults for several breweries, is a field educator for Oakshire Brewing in Eugene, Oregon, and cohosts the Experimental Brewing podcast. Denny lives in the foothills of the Coast Range in Oregon with his wife, five cats, and two dogs.
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