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The Herbfarm

14590 NE 145th St

Woodinville WA

With our own farm and foragers, The Herbfarm restaurant is dedicated to a deep and ever-expanding exploration of the flavors of the Pacific Northwest. "Amber Waves" is our signature “beer of place.” Until now, Amber Waves has been brewed just once a year for our unique "100-Mile Dinner." For one month each year, we source every last molecule of both food and beverage no more than 100 miles from our dining room. This effort entails making our own salt, growing our own wheat, and includes local vineyard work, as well as crafting our own beer, cider, mead, and wines. All of the ingredients for this full and balanced ale are grown no more than 100 miles from the restaurant. This PicoPak gives you a singular taste of the pristine Pacific Northwest in a beverage that many guests -- as well as professional brewers -- have said is one of the best beers they've ever tasted.
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